Molly Wigand- Editorial Director/Writer

Molly loves helping kids discover the pure fun of creative writing. How do you write a riddle? What kind of verses make people get the giggles? A published children’s book author and Hallmark writer, she will use interactive writing games and...

Amy Trowbridge-Yates – Senior Writer

Amy wrote her first story when she was a six year old about a frog who couldn’t stop jumping:  “He jumps and he jumps and he jumps…”  But it was she who couldn’t stop writing!  Now she writes and she writes and she writes all day to turn...

Daniel Miyares – Master Artist

Daniel is a Hallmark Senior Illustrator who is never without his sketchbook! Drawing the interesting faces and places in the world around him is not only fun but plays a big part in his job. Daniel will show how keeping and working in sketchbooks can become an...

Craig Lueck – Master Artist

Craig creates wonderful watercolor paintings and enjoys inviting kids to explore art and the world around them. Students will watch Craig as he paints and listen as he talks about engaging in creativity. All grades.

Matt Kesler – Senior Artist

As a Hallmark Senior Illustrator, Matt loves to tell stories in many different ways.  Matt will show your students how he uses traditional materials such as paint, cardboard, and wood to tell his stories.  Available November and December 2018. All grades.