Celebrate Global Day of Play

Let’s celebrate Global Day of Play 2019 during the month of October!

      In April 2012, 9-year old Caine Monroy created an arcade out of cardboard boxes and everyday objects.  He ran his arcade from his father’s auto parts store in Los Angeles.  Filmmaker Nirvan Mullick unexpectedly came across the arcade while getting a part for his car and was inspired to make a documentary once he discovered the level of commitment, work, and thought that Caine had put into the arcade.  He became Caine’s first customer.  At one point during the filming of this Caine documentary, the reporter arranged  for a flash mob from social media sites to come by the arcade.

Mullick’s short film to document the flash mob on what he called Caine’s Day increased the awareness of the arcade and shared Caine’s creative feat with the world.

Caine’s arcade has continued to exhilarate people and lives through the film and has sparked a movement to foster creativity worldwide!  Each year on the anniversary day the mob was filmed, there is an annual global Cardboard Challenge & Day of Play that inspires people.  Since launching in 2012, the Global Cardboard Challenge has engaged over 500,000 children in 70 countries in creative play.  The Imagination Foundation, launched 5 days after posting the video, has also initiated new programs, including an Inventor’s Challenge and Earth Day Cardboard Challenge!

This October at Kaleidoscope, children can expand their imaginations and display their creative talent by making original creations using cardboard boxes and tape and other materials to complete boxish art.

Kaleidoscope will provide cardboard boxes, tape, ribbon, yarn and paper materials that can be used in designing this fun project.  If you prefer heavier tape, you’re welcome to bring your own plain or fancy duct tape in completing your unique works of art.

PageLines- hallmark-kaleidoscope.png would like to invite you to enjoy our version of Caine’s arcade!