Educator FAQs

How do I make a reservation for my class?
Please call 816-274-8301 between 9:00-3:30 Monday through Friday.

How do you accommodate children with special needs?
If anyone in your group has needs that you feel Kaleidoscope should be made aware, please let us know when you call 816-274-8301 to make your reservation. Kaleidoscope is wheelchair accessible.

When will I receive confirmation of the date my class is scheduled to visit?
You will receive a confirmation by email shortly after making your reservation. If you do not, please call 816-274-8301 or e-mail [email protected] Once you receive your confirmation, check it for accuracy and contact us to confirm or make changes.

What is your cancellation/change policy?
Please cancel or change at least 4 weeks before your reserved date so that others may attend.

What happens if we must cancel due to weather?
We have dates set aside in the spring for possible rescheduling.

How many adult helpers are needed for my field trip?
Independent Art Session – Students enjoy Kaleidoscope independent of their adults. Adult helpers are requested at a 1:6 ratio. Each helper assists and encourages the children as they create their own art. Teachers assist in overseeing the session. They are not counted as helpers unless needed to meet the 1:6 ratio.
Together Art Session –
Students enjoy Kaleidoscope together with their adults. Adult helpers are requested at a minimum of 1:6 ratio – feel free to bring more!  Each helper assists and encourages the children as they create their own art.  Teachers may choose to serve as helpers. (Group size may prevent some sessions from being available in this format.)

What if we arrive 30 minutes or more before our session start time?
The Hallmark Visitors Center is next door and open Monday through Friday 10:00-4:30 pm. Reservations are required for groups but we are happy to check their schedule to see if they can accommodate your walk-in group. The Hallmark Visitors Center is also open Saturdays from 9:30-4:30 pm.

Crown Center offers a variety of free exhibits in the Crown Center Shops Showplace, Level 1, throughout the year. Please go to their website, or call 816-274-8444 for information regarding exhibits that may be offered on the day of your visit.

What if we are late for our session?
We will give your students as much time in the Kaleidoscope studio as possible. Due to our schedule, sessions may not be able to be extended.

Does Kaleidoscope have lunch facilities?
No, but if you would like to eat lunch in the Crown Center area your options include:

  • Purchasing lunches at any of the Crown Center restaurants.  You must call ahead if you’re placing a large order.
  • Lunch Land is open Monday through Friday from 10 am-2 pm and is located on the third level of Crown Center across from Halls.  Exit Kaleidoscope and follow the signs to get to Lunch Land. A convenience ramp is available to access Lunch Land.
  • When weather allows, Crown Center has outside eating areas. In addition, the Sheila Kemper Dietrich Park, located at the corner of Gillham and 27th Streets, has playground equipment and an outside eating area.