Expanded Art Sessions

 Kaleidoscope started offering Expanded Art Sessions back in 2004 and the very next year we added the Kaleidoscope Comes to You program. Starting this September we are combining the two for double the creative fun! You can choose to have us bring an extra project for your students when Kaleidoscope Comes to You! Please read below for details.

There is an additional fee for these projects.

To schedule a visit, please call 816-274-8348 Monday through Friday, 9:00-4:00 p.m. or e-mail us.

Classroom Cloth Banner
Up to 28 students per banner
Additional cost:
$20.00 per banner

This is a wonderful opportunity for your students collaborate! Students decorate a 28” x 48” banner by creating designs using fabric crayons on 6″ square paper. We take the paper squares back to Kaleidoscope and iron the designs onto the banner. The design’s mirror image will appear on the back.

You may focus your class’s efforts by providing a theme to the artwork. For example: celebration of each student, a school milestone or anniversary, a holiday or other special occasion.  Each banner comes with a wooden dowel rod for easy hanging. Completed banners are mailed to your school within 3 weeks!

Download Previsit Classroom Banner information here.


Reusable Cloth Bags – great for Earth Day!
Additional cost: $2.00 per student

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! This project is a chance for your students to practice the reuse part of the three R’s of conservation. Each child receives a canvas bag to decorate with fabric markers. A perfect complement to Earth Day studies or to carry books, groceries, recyclables, lunches, or … ?

Download Previsit Cloth Bag information here.


Classroom Quilt-top
Additional cost:
$2.00 per student

A favorite since it was first introduced, this session invites each student to draw a picture on 10″ square paper using fabric crayons. We then take the paper squares back to Kaleidoscope, iron the images onto a fabric square and stitch together a classroom quilt-top that we mail to your school within 3 weeks.  Some schools have auctioned the completed quilt-top as a fundraiser, while others have given the quilt-top to their school as an end-of-year gift. Whatever your goal, know that the finished art will bring smiles to all!  (If you prefer to not have the squares assembled into a quilt-top, just let us know.)

Download Previsit Quilt-top information here.


Spiral Bound Journals
Additional cost:
$2.00 student
We provide: binding machines and colorful binding combs and paper
You provide: one larger (approximately 2 1/2′ x 6′) table and one helper for each class

Journaling is a positive activity that encourages children to process their experiences. It promotes writing and drawing, and helps students feel good about themselves. We demonstrate how to make the journal and talk with your students about the benefits of keeping a journal.  Each student makes their own 10-15 page spiral-bound journal.

Download Previsit Spiral Bound Journals information here.