Heart Mother’s Day Wreath

A DIY Mother’s Day gift with heart! Create this Mother’s Day Wreath and let mom hang her hearth wreath anywhere at home.

All ages.

Surprise Card

Teacher Appreciation – anything better? Want to say, “Happy Birthday!” with a splash? Or celebrate your country’s independence or say, “get well soon”? Wishes jump out of this card!

Ages: 5+

Turtle Suncatcher

Turtley awesome! Shell-ebrate World Turtle Day and make a suncatcher with this melted crayon turtle craft for kids.

Ages: 6+

Alien Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt challenges kids to see ordinary things through the eyes of a being from another planet. Plan ahead for a party favorite!

All Ages.

Bunches of Love Heart Bouquet

Show your appreciation for our Armed Forces by making your own heart-shaped flowers with intricate cuts to create a beautiful bouquet!

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