Curriculum Ties

“The arts can teach, can connect and can speak to everyone about common experiences and, thereby, build community among us.”

Don Hall

CEO - Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Combine your Kaleidoscope visit with art-infused education in your classroom.  At Crayola you can find suggestions to inspire your students before they arrive at Kaleidoscope or expand your students’ art experience once you return to school.

Studies have found through teaching art we help a child grow in the following areas:

  • Self-esteem
  • Recognition of the elements & principles of design
  • Eye/hand coordination (fine motor skills)
  • The ability to learn to create what they see
  • Knowledge of art history and different cultures
  • Experience different mediums
  • Create a higher level of concentration and interest in learning

Business Leaders recognize that the arts better prepare students for skills required for 21st century business because the arts:

  • Strengthen student problem-solving and critical thinking skills, adding to overall academic achievement and school success.
  • Help all students develop more appreciation and understanding of the world around them.
  • Help students develop a positive work ethic and pride in a job well done.

Thoughts about art education:

  • Creating a website or designing a home requires mastering skills which are developed through arts education.
  • The arts teach students to think through and within a material and use what they have in new ways.
  • Develop vocabulary by listening to and discussing unknown words
  • Teaching students to be creative is a deliberate process, much like teaching reading or math.
  • Learning to draw helps kids in all other subjects.
  • Drawing develops hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness – abilities used by engineers and architects.
  • Art develops imagination and critical thinking skills.
  • Art strengthens problem-solving skills, increasing school success.
  • Art teaches life skills such as decision-making and self-confidence.
  • Learning to draw and think creatively helps prepare students for the future!